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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Sometimes in life we need subtle reminders and they seem to always present themselves in a very unexpected nature. Today, as I was sitting on a plane I picked up a book I haven’t touched in months. Peeking out of the back of the book was a card. Not just any card, but it was a thank you card from the couple I planned a wedding and honeymoon for in Florence, As I read their words, they seemed to come off the page and grab my heart.

Words such as, “I will miss talking to you daily. Even though we just met I feel like we gained a great friend. I love you for making us a priority, your honesty, and making our stay and wedding perfect”. “This is without question one of the best moments of our lives, which we are forever grateful”.

There are those who enter this profession as a “business”, however I am not one of those people. I choose this road as a passion, a passion to assist couples that love one another start their lives together and people seeking a vacation of a lifetime. My job is to provide them with memories that will last forever. Memories that they will share with their families, friends, and perhaps one day with their children.

Planning a vacation or a wedding comes with a huge responsibility. You are given the task to plan important events in people's lives both seamlessly and perfectly. No pressure whatsoever…. When I choose my collaborators to work with I always keep this in mind as the utmost importance. They must share the same responsibility that I have given my word to provide. I am so very fortunate, actually blessed to have found those that not only share my same work ethic, but they also share my sincerity. If they do not, it is simple… we just will not work together.

When you develop a business in a country you love, with people that are like family, in a place that was built by great artists, poets, sculptors, musicians, inventors, and writers, you must take on the responsibility to make these great spirits proud. Each time day or night I walk down the Uffizi Corridor in Florence I feel as though the statues are keeping a watchful eye over me to ensure I am doing my best to bring out the beauty and greatness of their city, of their country. The legacy they built left behind for people to treasure, adore, and respect. With each wedding , event, or journey I plan in these spectacular settings I always keep in mind not only my clients, but the citizens, and the artisans of the present day.

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